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At Sequoyah, students are encouraged to find their own voices, set academic goals and define a path for themselves.

In our high school classrooms, you will find teachers challenging students to use their growing knowledge and skills to solve essential questions at the heart of contemporary challenges—to see connections, develop meaningful relationships, and construct shared understanding.

Our high school students develop initiative and self-direction through college preparatory coursework and field studies emphasizing global perspectives and cultural competency. Independent study and collaborative effort will culminate in a junior-year social impact project and a senior-year internship.

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Applied Learning OverviewBEYOND THE CLASSROOM

At Sequoyah, students become changemakers—effective and skilled advocates who know how to inspire collaboration and lead innovation.

Sequoyah’s unique four-year Social Innovation Program (SIP) provides training and opportunities for students to become emerging social entrepreneurs. Our Advisory program reinforces the development of a growth mindset, conflict resolution skills, and effective leadership.

Sequoyah’s high school curriculum is designed to prepare students to graduate as experienced, confident, and resourceful problem-solvers who know how to apply their knowledge and passion, using strategies that can make a difference for their communities and in their own lives. Sequoyah students are challenged to think critically and creatively, learn how to work in diverse teams, and communicate ideas successfully.

Beyond the Classroom

Sequoyah AdmissionsTAKING THE FIRST STEP

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Because Sequoyah is committed to fostering and sustaining a socioeconomically diverse school community, each student is assigned a tuition level appropriate for their family’s financial resources. Each year, 30-40% of families pay less than the top tuition. To learn more about our tuition structure and Indexed Tuition process, please see our Tuition page.

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