Josh Brody, Head of School

Josh Brody
Head of School

From Sequoyah’s Head of School

Welcome to the new Sequoyah High School! I am excited to introduce you to an exceptional program that honors the intentions of Sequoyah’s founders and prepares students for active, purposeful and productive lives in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

In the late 1950’s Sequoyah’s founders wrote:

“Sequoyah considers that each child has some contributions to make to the world, some means of adding to the world’s values, which is uniquely the student’s…Learning should include a focus on great issues, principles and values that our society deems worthy of the continual concern of its members.”

These words remain true today. Sequoyah’s high school students are expected to ask deeper questions, consider multiple perspectives, and apply what they know. We challenge our students not only to excel academically—to think critically and creatively—but to look beyond the classroom to practice the work of social innovation.  Through Sequoyah’s unique four-year Advisory program, students develop self-knowledge and compassion for others. Encouraged by faculty to reflect on their learning, and held accountable for setting and achieving their own goals, Sequoyah’s students become self-directed and engaged learners in college and beyond.

The high school program exceeds the University of California’s A-G requirements, meeting the demands of selective colleges and Universities. I encourage you to dig into our curriculum guide, which provides further detail about college-preparatory coursework incorporating sophisticated skills and concepts. Included in the curriculum guide are a variety of advanced study courses.

Sequoyah’s Social Innovation Program is designed to ignite individual passion and purpose. We delve into complex local and global issues like those presented by National Academy of Engineering, the White House (21st C. Grand Challenges)United Nations (Millennium Development Goals), and LA2050. Issues such as reducing and sequestering carbon emissions, improving access to clean water, nourishing food and high quality education, and securing cyberspace, present relevant and immediate challenges for students to explore.

Our field studies faculty take students into awe-inspiring landscapes to embrace the beauty of the natural world where curiosity blossoms, comfort zones expand and leaders emerge.

Most importantly, students at Sequoyah have a voice. They help create a culture that celebrates the talents and passions of each student, teacher and community member.

I hope that you attend our open houses, meet our faculty and staff and experience the joy of the Sequoyah community for yourself.


Josh Brody
Head of School